Notifications of Deflection

Deflection notifications are a type of Notifications that will inform you about a significant roof deflection from the load. The roof may be loaded during heavy snowfall or rainfall. Any roof structure can safely deflect under load. Depending on the type of roof structure, safe deflections may be 5, 10 or even 40mm.

The building designer decides what is the safe deflection of the roof. The Smart Roof platform measures deflection in selected places (measuring points) and notifies the user about exceeding the safe deflection values. As each element of the roof may deflect in a different range, the Platform gives normalized values ​​as a percentage. For example, one element of the roof can deflect 30mm safely and another only 20mm. If both elements bend by 10 mm, then for the first element it is a deflection of 33%, and for the second one – 50%, which may be a warning signal (the platform will send a notification about this event).

By presenting the roof deflection as the ratio of the current deflection to the allowable deflection, we can easily assess the level of risk for an entire building or a group of buildings. In our Platform, we distinguish three deflection ranges, each of which is marked with a different color:

  • green (means that the current deflection does not exceed 50% of the permissible deflection),
  • orange (means that the current deflection is in the range from 50% to 70% of the allowable deflection),
  • red (the current deflection exceeds 70% of the allowable deflection).

How do notifications work? When will you get them?

Let’s start with the fact that each of the sensors independently measures the distance and tilt angle. Then it transfers the data to the Smart Roof Platform, where they are saved. The next step is data analysis, that is, calculating the deflection for each measuring point. If the calculated deflection is significant, the Platform sends notifications to building administrators. We send notifications according to rules that guarantee that only important warnings are sent to administrators.

In brief:

a / you will receive a notification when the 50% threshold is exceeded – this happens only for the first such exceedance in a given building;

b / you will get a notification when another point exceeds 50% after 8 hours from the first notification. This is especially useful when there are 20-30 devices installed in the building and it is snowing heavily. In such a case, many points will exceed 50% in a short time, therefore it would be impractical to inform about each exceedance.

c / if the next level (70%) is exceeded, you will receive notification in accordance with the principle described in point a and b.

Each Deflection Notification is a set of specific information:

  • icon indicating the type of Notification,
  • text and graphic illustration of the point status change – we present an upward change, i.e. from green to yellow and from yellow to red,
  • date and time of the event causing the status change,
  • precise description of the event,
  • sensor type (S-One or Water Level Sensor),
  • short name of the building in which the sensor is installed,
  • sensor identification number,
  • who of the authorized users has already read the given notification and marked it as read,

In the absence of Notifications, the following message is displayed:

This situation is possible when you are a new user.

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