Weather forecast for 7 days

In this tab you will see the automatically updated weather forecast for the next 7 days.

The presented forecast concerns:

  • indication of specific dates from the last seven days to which the forecast relates,
  • expected temperature (minimum and maximum),
  • rainfall (in millimeters),
  • wind speed (kilometers per hour),
  • snowfall (in kilograms per square meter).

The above-described data is presented using charts and icons as in the photo below and concerns:

  • predicted minimum and maximum temperature in the form of a bar graph,
  • total daily precipitation: rainfall in millimeters (green) and snowfall in kilograms per square meter (blue),
  • wind speed in kilometers per hour, shown in yellow as a line graph.

In the event of cumulative or sudden phenomena, you will receive a Weather Alert in the form of an email or SMS / PUSH.

If you want to know more, click on the “Weather 48h” tab. There you will find more detailed atmospheric data for in-depth analysis. Importantly, the verification of atmospheric changes takes place every hour. This can have an impact on the safety of your building as well as taking appropriate action in advance.

Remember that the Weather Forecast module is available in the Professional Package. If you don’t have it running yet, be sure to write to us