How do I read the weather forecast graph?

There are two tabs on the Weather Forecast in the Location Panel. In each, you will see graphs that illustrate the predicted aura in a graphical form.

  1. The charts for the 48 hour weather forecast are more detailed and take into account the forecast for today and the next two. Thanks to this, you can quickly analyze:
  • forecast maximum temperatures,
  • expected rainfall in millimeters,
  • wind speed in km / h,
  • expected snowfall in kg / m2,
  • forecast cloud cover in%
  • expected humidity in%,
  • forecast pressure in hPa.

The horizontal bar chart presents the most important phenomena on an hourly basis. For each hour, there is a graph showing the rainfall and snowfall measurements. As well as an icon with the current temperature and wind strength. It will certainly make it easier for you to see when your roof will be most exposed to forecasted weather phenomena.

  1. The 7-day forecast consists of two charts in one window. As you can see in the graphs below, the X axis always takes a constant unit of time – day. On the other hand, the Y axis – values for a given phenomenon. The first graph presents the predicted minimum and maximum daily temperature in the form of a bar graph. The second chart is a bar-line chart. The bars indicate the estimated total daily rainfall:
  • rainfall in millimeters (green),
  • of snow in kilograms per square meter (blue),

While the yellow line, in the same graph, indicates the forecast wind speed in kilometers per hour on individual days.


If you want to learn more about Weather Alerts, click on the link below.