Notices in general

The basic functionality of the Smart Roof Platform is to provide you with current information on a number of factors that affect the structure of your facility. This measurement data is analyzed on an external server. If any of the security thresholds defined by the constructor is exceeded, you will immediately receive a notification in the form of an e-mail or SMS / PUSH. Thanks to this, you will be able to react in advance.

We have three types of Notifications available in the Smart Roof Platform application. Below is a list of available Notifications:

1.Roof deflection notifications– not only because of snow.

Measurements are made every 3 minutes, regardless of the season. The accuracy of the measurement is +/- 1 mm.

2.Roof water notifications, e.g. due to dammed water due to a blocked inlet or due to heavy rainfall.

The sensor takes measurements every 2 minutes with an accuracy of +/- 5mm in normal mode and every 30 seconds after detecting a dangerous amount of water on the roof. This is a key feature of the device that allows you to track temporary build-ups at the inlets. Such anomalies are the first early warning signs for an administrator.

3.Weather Alerts, i.e. notifications about weather that may affect the condition of your flat roof, e.g. significant snowfall.