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The Smart Roof platform is divided into three basic Panels:

1. Main Panel

The Main Panel is a list of all your Locations [1] presenting the most important data. Along the right, the Notifications [2] are displayed. This is a list of the last six unread notifications.

2. My Locations

The next Panel is the Location Panel. Due to the type and amount of information, it differs in its graphic form from the Main Panel. Here you will only see data for Buildings located in a given Location.

We have broken down this Panel into the following six areas:

  • Menu bar [1]
  • User settings [2]
  • Location List [3]
  • Location name and address [4]
  • Bookmarks [5]
  • Other information [6]

The yellow marker in the Menu list on the left side or on the bar at the top will inform you that you are in the Location Panel.

Remember that the current weather data as well as the Weather Forecast are for the Location only and are only available in this Panel.

If you want to know more about the Location Panel, just click here or go to Navigation in the Menu bar.

3. My Buildings

The last Panel in our information hierarchy is the Building Panel. In this Panel you will find all information about sensors installed in a given Building. There is a list of sensors broken down by type, history of notifications, measurement charts, as well as a view of the hall with the places where the sensors are installed, or downloadable documents or a list of contacts for all people who have access to the details of this building.

We have divided this Panel into the following areas:

  • Menu bar [1]
  • User settings [2]
  • List of Buildings at location [3]
  • Building name and address [4]
  • Bookmarks [5]
  • Other information [6]

The yellow marker on the Menu bar will always tell you where you are in the application hierarchy.

If you still have doubts, check the bar on the left or above the name of the given Building.

If you want to know all the possibilities of the Building Panel, go to the Menu Navigation section. You can click this one here, a separate window with information about this Panel will open.

We write more about the possibilities of the application itself in the part entitled QUESTIONS.