Forecast for 48 hours

On this screen you will receive a detailed weather forecast for the selected Location for the next 48 hours.

The available data includes:

  • day of the week and date,
  • weather conditions and the maximum temperature of the day,
  • expected rainfall in millimeters,
  • wind speed in km / h,
  • expected snowfall in kg / m2,
  • forecast cloud cover in%
  • expected humidity in%,
  • forecast pressure in hPa.

You can also check the detailed weather at a selected time:

The table presents the most important data, reading from the left:

  1. Date and time
  2. The range of rainfall intensity in the form of a horizontal graph
  3. The temperature of the day, at the time
  4. Wind speed on a given day, at a given time

However, the most important functionality of this module is Weather Alerts. Our algorithm tracks weather reports and compares them with the parameters for which your building has been designed. You will receive an alert in case of danger. You don’t have to own Sense S-One sensors or DSW sensors, to use this module. Nevertheless, this option is free for all users of the Professional Package. If you want to change the package to take full advantage of the Inteligenty Dach Platform, please contact us: