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Sense S-One Snow Monitoring

The most effective and widespread method of monitoring flat roof deflections due to increased load. A deflection arrow is monitored in the mid-span of the structure – where the impact on the structure movement is the greatest.

It ensures comfort of use, safety of the structure as well as its contents.  Low maintenance and ease of use is one of the main points of this system. Using the Sense S-One system extends the durability of the property. The system gives warning in a real time of the roof structure reaching so-called limit states.

The key benefits

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Increased security

Automatic warning of any change in the structural integrity of your roof in advance. Whatever the weather.
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24/7 remote control

The web application with the access to all data that you always have at hand, giving you peace of mind 24/7.
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Overload prevention

Constant deflection monitoring gives you full knowledge about the condition of your roof.

Constant snow monitoring

Roof deflection monitoring gives you control over the work of the structure. It allows you to eliminate threats caused by soaked insulation and loads caused by residual snow of unknown consistency. Sense S-One system removes the need for expensive and time consuming manual inspection of the roof structure, and also reduces the maintenance costs of the building.

How does the Sense S-One measuring system work?

  • The laser sensor is mounted at the support point of the roof structure.
  • The measuring target board is located in the middle of the span of the measured element.
  • Deflection is measured in the roof plane.
  • The measurement accuracy is 1 mm.
  • The measurement does not affect the use of the floor.
  • Sense S-One sensors are equipped with inclinometers that correct deflection measurements and measure the verticality of the poles on an ongoing basis.
  • Instant SMS and email notifications inform about all events requiring attention.
  • Data from Sense S-One sensors is available in a convenient mobile application – Smart Roof Platform.
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The highest quality of measurements

Sense S-One sensors register the change in deflection at critical points. Measurements are made every 3 minutes with an accuracy of 1 mm. The horizontal measurement method takes place under the roof and does not affect any floor area. Tilt sensors measure the verticality of poles and automatically correct deflection measurements.

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Sense S-One system implementations

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