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Photovoltaics on flat roofs

Photovoltaics with Sense Monitoring guarantees the safe solar panels installation on flat roofs through constant monitoring of the additional load on the roof structure. Sensors Sense S-one monitor the addition and live loading. 

Senosors are also a tool which supplies precise technical data to allow for the safe maintenance after photovoltaics installation.

Photovoltaics with Sense S-one is also a tool for PV installers who work with large facilities and need expertise for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Key benefits

Bezpieczna rampa dla pracowników

24/7 roof inspection

Continuously operating roof detectors provide complete and current information on the roof deflections.
Szybsza praca z bezpieczną rampą

Safe building operation

Legally required by law for large-area roofs. Installation of PV panels that will not damage the roof structure.
Uwaga na przeciążenia

Installation without structural reinforcement

For buildings after our structural analysis.

Safe solar panels installation on a flat roof

Every installation of a photovoltaic system on a flat roof increases its load. The roof structure must be able to support the weight of PV panels and ballast. The snow load distribution is also changing (so-called snow bags). The lack of precise measurements of the load-bearing capacity of the structure is a serious obstacle before installing solar panels on a flat roof.

Our solution gives you the full knowledge of the load. This allows you to securely install solar panels on a flat roof.


Reliable sensors, convenient application

Precise and non-stop roof load sensors constantly check its condition on an ongoing basis. All data collected by our “roof detectors” are available through a web application operating in an online 24h module. The building owner will be immediately notified of any excess of the standard for the deflection arrows.

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Photovoltaics installation

We work with many companies throughout the country. If you need a professional contractor who knows the specifics of flat roofs and is familiar with solar photovoltaics, just write to us at

Construction expertise

If you are a solar panel installer and would like to expand your offer – we invite you to cooperation. We provide construction expertise for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

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Photovoltaics installation for flat roofs

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