How to add or remove users of the smart roof application?

Sense as the service provider is responsible for adding and removing users from the smart roof application. Decisions to add or remove application users may be made by the person indicated by the customer in the contract or by the System Administrator designated by the customer.
To add a user, please send an e-mail with the following information to

  • Customer Name
  • Building address
  • Name and surname of the person being added:
  • Email address of the person being added:
  • Mobile phone number:
  • Function in the system: operator/administrator

When will I get the access to the Weather Alerts?

Weather Alerts are one of the additional modules of the Smart Roof Platform. Professional package users have permanent access to the application, while Basic or Standard package users must purchase it. If you want to change your package, fill in the form on our website.

How to install the Smart Roof Platform?

Access to the Smart Roof Platform is always easier and the most convenient way of use when downloading the application on the phone. How to install the Platform can be found in the user manual available on our website, which will be available soon.

Does Sense change software as newer technologies develop and appear?

We are the producer of the entire system, and we constantly improve it. Updates are performed remotely, free of charge during the term of the service contract.

What is the service life of the laser sensors and the entire system?

The lifetime of the laser sensors is a minimum of ten years. The system is covered by an additional 24-months manufacturer’s warranty.

How quickly are system failures resolved, and how is it done?

The Sense S-One system has an uptime of 99.99%. Most of the failures are removed remotely and do not require reporting by the user. In case of necessity of arrival at the property, the reaction time is in about 7 days.

Is it justified to install structure monitoring in new buildings?

The new constructions are designed optimally due to the consumption of steel. Hence, their safe maintenance requires high technical culture. The Sense S-One system provides information on the operation of the structure from the beginning of the building’s life. These allow learning how it works and give you information to react appropriately before the critical states occur. Each alarm system limits the consequences of the danger: eg. a fire alarm system. It is similar in the case of the structure monitoring system the effects of atmospheric phenomena or the aging of the structure are limited. Lowering the risk for the insurer reduces the insurance rates.

How quickly can I install the system in my building?

One installation takes from several hours to several days. Everything depends on the size of the building, and the complexity of the installation. For example, the installation for the building of 10,000 square meters, and with 10 sensors, will take about 2-3 days.

What should I do when I get a message that the last level is exceeded?

Each building user has internal regulations that define how to respond to notifications about the work of the structure. When the last level is exceeded (80% of the permissible roof deflection), it is recommended to remove snow from the building. Each decision must be additionally supported by knowledge about the mobilization time of the snow removal team and the weather forecast.

What kind of notifications does the Sense S-One system send?

The Sense S-One system sends notifications only when the set alarm levels are exceeded. These are short text messages via SMS or PUSH and e-mails with information about the current state of a given sensor.

What is structural monitoring, and why is it needed?

Structure monitoring is nothing more than a systematic control of the established parameters. This way, you can find out how the structure works under the influence of loads, time, and weather changes. The observations provide knowledge about the safe use of the building, the necessary services, and the prevention of the effects of overloads.

Who is responsible for correctly setting notification levels?

The maximum deflection of the roof structure is the most often specified in the construction design. During the parameterization of the system, we always confirm with the designer (the author of the design of a given building) the correct values of allowable deflections. If the building has no documentation, we commission the construction expertise.

Who determines the location of the measuring points?

Monitoring has its own know-how in the field of roof structure operation – our experts analyze the design documentation and select the optimal number of sensors in the most relevant places for a given roof. For existing buildings, we also interview the user to better understand the history of the building’s use. Sometimes the location of the measurement points is determined by the structure designer.

How will I know if my roof is sagging excessively?

Before the roof collapses excessively, the system will send notifications via SMS and e-mail about exceeding the next security levels – 50%, 70%, and 100%. The message received by the user will have information about the current deflection of the roof, and a link to confirm that the message has been read.

How often are measurements taken?

The Sense S-One system has been developed to provide maximum information on the roof structure, even during violent events, eg. storms. Therefore, the measurement takes place automatically every 3 minutes. For specific needs, the measurement can also be performed every few seconds.

What is needed to run the Sense S-One system?

All you need is a power supply from a typical 230V socket and GSM 2G network coverage.

How are the sensors installed?

The sensors and measuring discs are mounted under the roof. The sensor is located where the measured element supports – e.g. on a pole. Whereas, the measuring discs is placed at the point of greatest deflection – usually in the middle of the span of the girders or purlins.

In what kind of buildings Sense S-One system is used?

Sense S-One system is recommended in any building with a flat roof: Warehouses, Production halls, Markets, Shopping malls, Sports facilities, Performance halls etc.

What are the roof deflections? Are they dangerous?

Deflections are also deformations. Each optimally designed structure naturally yields under loads. The safe range of deflections is strictly defined in the construction design. When using the roof, it is not allowed to exceed the so-called Border States. Deflection below the specified range is not dangerous – the structure is capable of flexing and moving.