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Smart Roof Platform

An effective and convenient tool for the managers of a network of large-area buildings. The platform collects, stores and archives the most important information about the condition of your roof structure in one place. Thanks to the Smart Roof Platform, you will learn about undesirable situations in advance, and you will have time to react in time. Always with you – in the form of an intuitive web application.

Key benefits

Bezpieczna rampa dla pracowników

Interactive map

It shows the status of any number of buildings on one screen.
Szybsza praca z bezpieczną rampą

Smart notifications

All information requiring attention is sent immediately to your smartphone.
Uwaga na przeciążenia

Intuitive charts and forecasts

They allow you to quickly see the condition of the roof, and will prepare you for unfavorable and sudden weather conditions.

Convenient building network management

Managing a network of dispersed buildings brings with it many challenges. The Smart Roof Platform is and undoubted support, a tool for automating remote supervision of key parameters – especially when there is a shortage of employees. The Platform collects the results of measurements on the deflection of the roof from the Sense S-One sensors, while the Water Level Sensors (DSW), with the patency of the inlets. If the set thresholds are exceeded, the system will notify you about events that require your attention. Thanks to our Platform, you will find out if the roof of your building is safe and how it should be properly operated.


All data about your roof in your pocket

The Smart Roof Platform collects and analyzes data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Measurements are made with such frequency to inform you in advance about possible threats to your roof. All information is stored securely in the cloud. You have access to them from any mobile device as well as from anywhere.

The Smart Roof Platform is equipped with an additional module to predict the influence of weather to the condition of the roof structure.

If you do not have access to the Platform yet, please contact us.

Sense User Guide 03 czy mój dach jest bezpieczny

User Guide

We guarantee each new client training on the Inteligenty Dach Platform. However, we realize that some things may escape over time or new situations arise. Therefore, to meet the expectations of customers, we have created a practical guide to all the functionalities of the Platform, from application installation to the so-called case studies.

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Smart Roof Platform implementations

Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych S.A.
BIK Sosnowiec Hall no 5
Orląt Lwowskich 146, Sosnowiec
13 500 m2
The Cultural Heritage Center
Bohaterów Warszawy 4, 05-800 Pruszków
4 000 m2
Poczta Polska S.A
Expedition and Distribution Hub
Pocztowa 12, 86-065 Lisi Ogon
17 000 m2