Smart Roof Platform it is available in every web browser. As well as a mobile application for systems iOS and Android under the name Sense Smart Roof.

Most of the application’s functions are available on mobile devices. Nevertheless, the mobile version may be slightly different from the desktop version. It all depends on the type of mobile device on which you use the application.

The undisputed advantage of using the application is 24/7 access to it from any device. Thanks to this, you can easily and quickly verify the status of each measurement point. The location map will help you see where the point is installed.

The main task of the Platform is to analyze the measurement data and inform you via e-mail or SMS / PUSH about exceeding the security level. We present the measurement results in the form of graphs. You also have access to archived charts and an overview of your notification history.

Another functionality of the Smart Roof Platform are Weather Alerts. Thanks to this, we raise the level of security of the structure of the facility by another level and facilitate the management of flat roofs. The Smart Roof platform will provide you with information on how the weather can affect the condition of your building. Precise and pre-sent alerts will help you prepare for any threat.