Right after logging into the application Smart Roof Platform you will see a collection of basic information:

  • your company name,
  • the number of available Locations,
  • number of monitored Buildings,
  • presentation of the most important data in all your Locations,
  • list with recent notifications,
  • name / e-mail address of the logged in user (on the bar in the upper right corner).

In short, you can say that the Main Panel is a collection of all your Locations and Buildings. The number of Buildings in Locations is marked with a number, as shown in the photo below. What is the difference between a Location and a Building, you can read here.

Each Location is presented as a separate module. In addition to the current weather, it also contains information about changes in the status of measurement points that have taken place in your Buildings. For example, the photo below shows the green icons (everything is fine) and the yellow ones (watch out, there have been changes).

The list contains the following information:

  • the short name of the building with its address,
  • solution used: S-One and / or Water Level Sensors,
  • number of sensors installed,
  • maximum measurement recorded by the sensor – clicking on this information leads directly to the panel with information about the selected building.

Information on the current weather is displayed for each Location and for each Customer, regardless of the type of Package.

After clicking the “View location details” button, you will be redirected to the selected Location panel. There you will see details of all Buildings assigned to a given Location. In the Location Panel you can also check the influence of the weather on your Buildings in the next 48 hours or 7 days. (NOTE: the service is available for selected Packages).

In the Main Panel you will also see the most up-to-date notifications for all your Locations. An unread notification is shown with a gray background and a read notification with a white background. Additionally, such Notification receives the read status with annotation about who has already read the message.