Location Notifications

In the Notifications tab at the Location level, you will see a list of all notifications related to buildings in a given Location for the last 30 days. This is important information that may require your attention.

As of today, we distinguish three types of Notifications: regarding deflections, water column height and weather, which are marked with special icons. Along with the development of the application, we intend to expand the system with new types of alerts.

When we created the application, our main goal was that the Smart Roof Platform would provide the user with information about the condition of his flat roof in a flash. Therefore, from the Notification, you can read:

  • type of notification presented graphically (bell or cloud),
  • information about what the notification concerns (e.g. point status change, significant snowfall),
  • the scope of the status change presented in color – applies only to the point status change notifications,
  • date and time of sending the notification,
  • short name of the point to which the change applies and the percentage range – applies only to notifications about the Change in point status,
  • sensor type – applies only to the point status change notifications,
  • the building in which the sensor is located OR in the case of weather alerts – buildings affected by the atmospheric phenomenon,
  • sensor ID – applies only to the point status change notifications,
  • in the event that someone has already read the content of the notification, you will see their personal data.

If you want to mark a given notification as read, click the “Read” button.

A list of all application users who have read the given Notification will be displayed automatically.