How do you recognize a point that requires intervention?

Measurements made by individual S-One sensors are one of the key information available in the Smart Roof Platform. Thanks to the measurements, you can see what is happening with the structure of the selected object. Any abnormal measurements are signaled to the user immediately. The platform sends notifications in the form of SMS or PUSH messages, as well as e-mail.

What should you do when you get such a message? All you need to do is log in to the application from any device, and in the Main Panel you will see Notifications about sensors that have detected exceeding the set security levels.

If you receive a Notification with a bell icon, it means that one of the checkpoints has changed its status. The content of the Notification will inform you which sensor has detected the change. Note the color of the status change:

  • from green to yellow or
  • from yellow to red.

Therefore, each time you receive a notification regarding a point status change, you should check the status of other measurement points. Control monitoring should concern:

  • which of the points changed their status,
  • whether the presented trend of measurements does not show any disturbing phenomena.

The next step you can take is to verify the weather forecast for a given location for 48 hours and 7 days. The upcoming weather phenomena will also have an impact on the managed facility. Comprehensive knowledge about measurements and weather will allow you to make the most optimal decisions.

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