Notifications about water level

The Water Level Sensor, or DSW sensor, is used to measure the height of the water column. The platform will send you a notification when it detects an excess water level. Such situations take place, for example, during a sudden and intense rainfall. With Water Height Notifications, you know:

  • are the inlets clear,
  • that there is no water pooling on the roof
  • how long do pools of water last there.

Each Deflection Notification is a set of specific information:

  • icon indicating the type of Notification,
  • text and graphic illustration of the point status change – we present an upward change, i.e. from green to yellow or immediately to red and from yellow to red,
  • date and time of the event causing the status change,
  • precise description of the event
  • sensor type (Water Level Sensor),
  • short name of the building in which the sensor is installed,
  • sensor identification number,
  • who of the authorized users has already read the given notification and marked it as read,

In the absence of Notifications, the following message is displayed:

This situation is possible when you are a new user or there is no water build-up on the roof.

If you want to learn more about how the application works, to read about specific situations, click the CASE STUDY button.