First login

Any registered user can login to Smart Roof Platforms from any web browser. Just enter the following address Logging in on a tablet or phone will certainly be a more convenient form. Then you need to install the Sense Smart Roof app on your device, which you can download from Google Play or with App Store.

You will receive the login and password via SMS, to the phone number provided when registering a new user.

You don’t have your login yet? Or maybe you want to register a new employee? To do this, complete the form on the company’s website Remember to complete the necessary data, including: name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number of the registered user. You can also contact our Customer Service Office by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Attention! The number of available accounts for administrators and users is specified in the contract:

number of administrators113
number of users0310
List of packages of the Smart Roof Platform

In addition to the options already mentioned, in this window you can also change the password or language of use.