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Key advantages

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Security increased

Full control of roof structure and real-time access to data on roof deflection. Greatest measure precision.

24/7 remote control

Convenient mobile application with which you can always and anywhere easily and quick manage every network of buildings.
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Overload prevention

Control load increased due to PV installation or weather condition.
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About us

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Who we are?

We offer simple solutions to complex problems. We passionately create new ideas. We develop modern, proprietary tools that give you security, cost optimization and convenience in using flat roofs.

Our history began in 2012. It was then that the land surveyor, programmer and civil engineer shared common idea of developing a system to help maintain large-scale buildings.

Find out that this idea was just the start of something much, much bigger.

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They trusted us

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„Sense S-One is a great example of using modern technologies in the field of building management, especially when inspecting a roof structure. Its constant monitoring, recording of variables, as well as their analysis – also weather forecast – allows you not only to optimize the costs resulting from the maintenance of the object, but also react in advance to changing conditions”.


I have an extensive experience in maintaining buildings. I am sure of this construction, but the Sense system can inform me in advance about the necessary service action. And this is its big advantage.


We met Sense Monitoring during the Industrial Innovation Day. We were intrigued by their modern approach to roof problems. We decided very quickly that such system must be deployed in our new hall.


We work with several startups from the hardware industry. However, nobody has come to us before with a solution that may be useful to us in the everyday use of buildings. We believe that Sense Monitoring will become our client,, not just a service provider.


Sense Monitoring stood up to the challenge of installing the system in just a few hours. I am very pleased with the cooperation and I honestly recommend it.


Each company with a dispersed network of buildings is struggling to control current costs – so we were looking for a solution that would allow us to trace the situation on the roofs of our stores on a regular basis. The Sense S-One system exceeded our expectations because, in addition to improving safety, we also saved on snow removal and repairs of the roof membrane.


At the beginning, we implemented the SENSE S-One system in WER Bydgoszcz a building with a roof area of ​​17,000 m2. The installation itself was carried out at an express pace, which allowed its commissioning even in the winter season. In the next steps, we plan to gradually equip subsequent logistics buildings of Poczta Polska, thanks to which flat roof risk management by the headquarters in Warsaw becomes possible.


The Sense S-One system has been deployed in our new hall of the Silesian Logistics Center in Sosnowiec. Thanks to the intelligent application we have up-to-date knowledge on the reaction of the roof structure to various atmospheric phenomena. It is irreplaceable in our daily work because it supports facility management. A thing really recommendable to others

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Imagine that technology monitors your building through
24h / 365 days a year. You don’t have to worry about leaving work or going on vacation – SENSE Intelligent Roofs will take care of your building security.

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