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Sense Keilstop Safe Ramp

The Sense Keilstop safe ramp eliminates the risk of accidents on the ramps when loading or reloading goods. The innovative wedge placed under the trailer wheel prevents unexpected or premature departure of the vehicle. Staff working on the ramp and goods are guaranteed with the highest level of safety.

The key benefits

Bezpieczna rampa dla pracowników

Safety of employees on the ramp

Eliminates the risk of the vehicle running away unexpectedly or prematurely.
Szybsza praca z bezpieczną rampą

Preventing goods damage during reloading

The goods on the ramp are transported smoothly.
Uwaga na przeciążenia

Increased work comfort

Eliminates downtime and adverse events on the ramp. Modernizing the health and safety policy of your workplace.

Comfortable transhipment work

The Sense Keilstop solution is the first such comprehensive and modern proposition ensuring full safety during reloading operations on the ramp. The most important element of Sense Keilstop is the wedge, which is placed under the wheel of the truck. A positioning sensor is installed in the wedge, and when such wedge is removed from under wheel, an acoustic signal (alarm siren) and visual signal (red / green light) is launched. People on the ramp receive a clear message as to whether unloading or loading of goods is safe at the moment.

Bezpieczna Rampa Sense Keilstop

Technology protects employees and goods

The Sense Keilstop safe ramp consists of a wedge with a built-in sensor that reacts with sound and optical signals to a change of location. The set also includes a gate lifting sensor and a control board protected in a sealed housing, mounted inside the building.

We are the only authorized Polish representative of the MY GmbH company, which is the creator of the KEILSTOP solution.

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The Sense Keilstop Safe Ramp implementations

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