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Water Level Sensor

The Water Level Sensor (DSW) flawlessly detects oversized water levels on flat roofs. DSW provides you with knowledge about the patency of the drains and the duration of water stagnation in their vicinity. Thanks to ongoing verification of the amount of water on the roof, DSW informs in time about the dangerous amount of water on the roof. Overloads from accumulated water and leaks caused by prolonged stagnation are eliminated.

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The answer to everyday challenges

Climate change means more intense rainfall and greater weather unpredictability. Expensive and functioning gullies become even more important. Knowledge of water accumulated on the roof is crucial for building structure safety.

The effect of heavy rain or clogged gullies can be accumulation of rainwater on flat roofs. Excessive water accumulation on the roof is dangerous for the construction or roofing.

How does the Water Level Sensor work?

  • DSW sensors are mounted over the entire roof surface at roof outlets.
  • Sensors mounting is non-invasive.
  • Sensors register the water accumulation.
  • Measurements take place every few minutes and their accuracy is 1 cm.
  • Instant SMS and email notifications are sent in crisis situations.
  • Sensors allow remote control of the inlet patency.
  • All data collected by DSW sensors are available in the mobile application.

Measurement precision, automatic notifications

We have developed the Water Level Sensor (DSW) for the ongoing verification of drainage work and detection of excessive water accumulation on a flat roof. Thanks to DSW, it is known whether the drains are unobstructed, whether there is no water accumulation on the roof and how long the water stagnation stays there.

The Water Level Sensor is mounted non-invasively. It can be installed on any flat roof. The sensors are powered by solar energy. Measurements with an accuracy of one centimeter are made every two minutes. Data is available at any time thanks to the 24-hour mobile application. In crisis situations, sensors send e-mail and SMS notifications to designated people.

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Key benefits of Water Level Sensor

Bezpieczna rampa dla pracowników

Control the patency of the gullies without examinating the roof

All data and measurements available in the web application.
Szybsza praca z bezpieczną rampą

Prevention of overloads from accumulated water

Frequent and regular measurements provide reliable information.
Uwaga na przeciążenia

Preventing leaks from prolonged congestion

Constant monitoring of the amount of water on the roof, as well as control of the degree of absorption of insulation.

Water Level Sensor implementations

Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych S.A.
BIK Sosnowiec Hall no 5
Orląt Lwowskich 146, Sosnowiec
13 500 m2
Poczta Polska S.A
Expedition and Distribution Hub
Pocztowa 12, 86-065 Lisi Ogon
17 000 m2
The Cultural Heritage Center
Bohaterów Warszawy 4, 05-800 Pruszków
4 000 m2

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