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Weather under control

When monitoring the current weather status is not enough – go for Weather Alerts from Sense. It is a weather forecast app tailored specifically for the predictive management of flat roof risks. Now you can learn in advance about the weather hazards for your entire building network and you will have enough time to act accordingly.

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Key Features

Łatwiejsze zarządzanie zmianami klimatycznymi

Weather management

Manage weather risks with your smartphone.
Szybsza praca z bezpieczną rampą

Alerts sent in advance

Nothing can surprise you now. You will be ready for every situation.
Uwaga na przeciążenia

Smart tips

You receive tips how to prepare your flat roof for intense weather conditions.

Climate change

Have you ever wondered if the coming downpour is dangerous for your building? Better to know about it in advance and prepare for it if necessary. Weather Alerts module has been designed for flat roof property managers.

Our algorithm tracks weather reports and compares them with the parameters for which your building has been designed. In case of danger, you will receive an alert as well as smart tips on how to deal with it.

Weather Alerts: how do they work?

Dangerous phenomena forecast

Weather Alerts are a completely new functionality of the Smart Roof platform. You can use it without having deflection and Rainwater Build-Up Detection systems. The application works as an independent module – adding a building is easy. Just give the address and year of construction and you can enjoy the comfort in building management. Our technology is working 24/7 and will notify you when it is really needed

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