Sektor Hale magazynowe i logistyczne
Użytkownik Excellent
Budynek Glass Warehouse in Podłęże
Adres Podłęże 662, 32-003 Podłęże
Powierzchnia 9000 m2

This company located in Podłęże near Kraków is one of the largest and most recognizable manufacturer of bathroom products and accessories. Baths, showers, fittings and bathroom furniture manufactured by Excellent company reach not only the Polish market – but are also exported to 20 countries. Every day, over 300 people working in nearly 200 warehouses, showrooms or studios work on the strong position of the Excellent brand. What makes the products made by Excellent special is the quality of the materials and the tested components from which they were made.

According to representatives of the Podlasie plant, Excellent brand DNA consists of three elements. Its quality, modern design, industry specialists. It is easy to see that in the search for further solutions to strengthen the company, Excellent management is uncompromising. It is even more pleasing that such a demanding client decided to cooperate with Sense Monitoring and install the Smart Roof platform for the glass warehouse in Podłęże. The roof of this warehouse is 9,000 m2 and is currently equipped with Sense S-One sensors that collect, process and archive key information for the roof structure. Thanks to the mobile application, people responsible for maintaining the roof in the best condition have constant access to current data on roof loads and can monitor the deflection arrow. It is also possible to measure snow cover in real time and unblock roof outlets.

We would not have achieved the market leader position if it had not been for permanent investments in modern technologies. They enable continuous development of the Excellent brand. The implementation of the Smart Roof platform is a logical move resulting from the current development strategy of our company. It is a solution that meets our high requirements and brings the expected results in terms of increasing the safety of our employees and modernizing the glass warehouse ”- this is how Bogusław Grzybczyk from the management board of Excellent explains the decision to cooperate with Sense Monitoring.