Sektor Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik Mokate
Budynek Production hall
Adres Katowicka 265A, 43-450 Ustroń
Powierzchnia 6500 m2

Mokate stands out from even the oldest Polish companies. It was founded in 1900. Such a long period of activity must be the result of sound, strategic management of the brand, its resources and employees. This is further demonstrated by the fact that currently the Mokate Group consists of several companies operating in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Dubai. About 1,500 people employed there work every day on the company’s reputation.

A special role in the company’s structure is played by people responsible for maintaining Mokate facilities in proper technical condition. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees and maintaining the continuity of numerous production processes. This demanding task has become easier thanks to the Smart Roof platform implemented in the Mokate production hall by Sense Monitoring.

The Smart Roof platform uses a web application to clearly present all strategic information about the roof deflection level and its proper operation. It uses data provided 24/7 by sensors installed on flat roofs. They record the roof deflection arrow, the amount of water in stagnation, the weight of the snow and the degree of insulation permeation. They also control the level of patency of roof drains. In addition to the information and archiving function (all data, including historical data, is securely stored), the application warns of critical situations by sending an email and SMS notification.

Thanks to the Smart Roof platform, we know not only how to care for the quality of the roof even more effectively, but we are also able to guarantee the safety of our employees. Under the roof on which the Sense S-One sensors operate, goods on high storage racks are safe” says Leszek Kolek, Mokate Group Technical Director.