Sektor Hale magazynowe i logistyczne, Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik Rohlig Suus Logistics
Budynek Warehouse
Adres Sokołów k. Janek
Powierzchnia 40 000 m2

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is a globally recognized Polish logistics operator. Its main activity is to provide logistics services and other specialized services in the field of global supply chains. One of the undoubtedly the most important achievements of ROHLIG SUSS Logistics is the creation of its own groupage distribution system, enabling delivery in 24 hours. A partner groupage system operating in Europe supports approximately 250 regular road connections per week. The company provides road, air, sea and rail logistics services, as well as contract logistics.

Currently, over 2,000 people work in warehouses, halls and logistics centers of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics. The company manages over 250,000 sq m of warehouse space, the vast majority covered with flat roofs. Therefore, it is logical that the company’s managers focus on reliable, modern and trustworthy solutions enabling safe management of large-area roofs. The Intelligent Roof platform, collecting, aggregating and archiving all information about the state of the roof structure, met the expectations of the company’s specialists.

Having such an extensive network of buildings with flat roofs, we wanted a solution that would allow effective and comfortable management. We now have these possibilities thanks to the web application and the Intelligent Roof platform itself. Our employees in the halls and warehouses have gained the highest level of security, and the managers responsible for the operation of ROHLIG SUUS facilities have an innovative tool for constant monitoring of roof load, patency of influences or snow on roofs or water stagnants” says Tadeusz Chmielewski, president of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics .