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We aim high! Discover leading solution for smart security management for flat roofs.We aim high! Discover leading solution for smart security management for flat roofs.

Sense Monitoring mierzy wysoko
We support control of installation load
Sense Monitoring pomaga w radzeniu sobie ze zmianami klimatycznymi
We help to react to climate change
Sense Monitoring dla sieci budynków
We facilitate network management of buildings

Areas we support

Łatwiejsze zarządzanie zmianami klimatycznymi

Climate change under control

You will know when the weather will affect your building in advance.
fotowoltaika ikona

Overload prevention

Control increased loads from photovoltaic installations or atmospheric phenomena.
łatwiejsze zarządzanie siecią budynków

Buildings network management

Make effective roof maintenance decisions centrally from our web app.

Learn more about Sense Monitoring solutions

Platforma Smart Roof od Sense Monitoring Platforma Smart Roof od Sense Monitoring

Smart Roof

A convenient application that allows you to manage any network of buildings easily, quickly, at any time and from anywhere.
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Sense S-One od Sense Monitoring Sense S-One od Sense Monitoring

Sense S-One
Snow monitoring

Full roof structure control and real-time access to deflection data. Greatest measure precision. The greatest freedom of use.
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Detektory Spiętrzenia Wody od Sense Monitoring Detektory Spiętrzenia Wody od Sense Monitoring

Water Level Sensor (DSW)

A reliable tool for monitoring the level of water accumulating on the roof. Instant verification of the correctness of the roof drainage.
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Łatwiejsze zarządzanie zmianami klimatycznymi Łatwiejsze zarządzanie zmianami klimatycznymi

Weather Alerts

When monitoring the current status is not enough – reach for Weather Alerts from Sense. It is a weather forecast app tailored specifically for the predictive management of flat roof risks.
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Kontakt z Sense Monitoring Kontakt z Sense Monitoring

Individual snow
removal instruction

Comprehensive, personalized and, above all, adapted to the applicable regulations snow removal instruction tailored maid for your flat roof.
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Bezpieczna rampa od Sense Monitoring Bezpieczna rampa od Sense Monitoring

Safe Ramp
Sense Keilstop

Safety of the truck operator during loading or unloading. Smooth movement of goods on the ramp and protection of goods against falling.
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Wide range of applications

Warehouses and logistics halls

This type of facilities is distinguished by a large flat roof, intensive movement of forklifts inside and constant flow of goods, transhipped on delivery docks. The central elements of the halls are: cross-dock zone, high storage racks and loading confectioning zones.
The challenge in these halls is to ensure continuity of supply chain. The poor condition of the flat roof structure or its overloading leads to the building being out of service. On a daily basis, full protection should also be provided for expensive machines operating in such facilities. Only precise and constant monitoring of the roof structure can provide you with this.

Production halls

Diverse facilities, in which technologically advanced machines, production lines, and semi-finished products and components necessary for the production of equipment, cars or other products are installed under a flat roof.
Particular attention should be paid to the protection of expensive production lines and other machines operating in the hall. Defects caused by damage to the roof load capacity, as well as downtime resulting from renovation or repair work, generate significant expenses. This can be prevented by constant access to information on the state of the roof structure, provided by the Smart Roof Platform.

Hale produkcyjne Tesko Steel

Public buildings

This type of buildings is most often characterized by a sports, entertainment, exhibition or clerical function. It is distinguished primarily by a large number of people staying in it at the same time, which makes the issue of ensuring their safety an absolute priority.
The safety of the people gathering here must be a priority here. Mass events, fairs and events take place in these types of buildings. Improper roof exploitation can result in the evacuation of thousands of people or – in the worst case – a construction disaster. Current control of the roof load capacity and full knowledge of the condition of the structure is the only way to ensure the safety of users of this type of buildings.

Centrum Dziedzictwa Kulturowego w Pruszkowie

Retail facilities

Shopping centers, hypermarkets and DIY stores usually have a large-area flat roof. On the premises of such buildings, thousands of customers and staff are present at the same time, and often the commercial facilities also include multi-storey car parks.
Daily, such buildings are visited by tens of thousands of people. Negligence in the operation of a flat roof or incomplete knowledge about the condition of the roof structure poses a serious threat not only because of forced evacuation and drastic customers’ opinion deterioration, but also due to serious accidents. To prevent these dramatic but possible situations, it is necessary to monitor flat roof structure on an ongoing basis.

Bricoman Jaworzno

Photovoltaic installations

Installing PV panels on flat roofs requires advanced technical expertise and full knowledge whether the installation of photovoltaics with ballast will not affect the building structure.
An improperly selected photovoltaic installation can damage the flat roof or lead to damage to the building structure. Changing the snow load distribution is also a challenge. Lack of knowledge about the load capacity of the roof will prevent the installation of photovoltaics and will contribute to the loss of benefits associated with it. Installing a PV system on a roof that is not prepared for such a weight will damage the building. This is prevented by technical expertise and constant monitoring of the roof load.

zaśnieżone panele fotowoltaiczne
sense smart roof
DSW - how does it work

About us

img-kontakt do Sense Monitoring

Who we are?

We offer simple solutions to complex problems. We passionately create modern and proprietary tools that increase safety level, optimize costs and ensure the comfort of using flat roofs.

It was then that the surveyor, programmer, and the civil engineer combined the common idea of creating a system supporting the maintenance of large-scale buildings.

Find out that this idea was just the beginning of something much, much bigger.

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The Sense S-One is an excellent example of the use of modern technologies in terms of building management, especially in the case of roof structure inspection. Constant monitoring of the roof structure, recording of variables, as well as their analysis – including the forecasted weather – will not only optimize the costs resulting from the maintenance of the facility but also react in advance to changing conditions.

We met Sense Monitoring during the Industrial Innovation Day. We were intrigued by their modern approach to roof problems. We decided very quickly that this system needs to be deployed in our new hall.

We have been working with several start-ups in the hardware industry. However, no one has come to us before with a solution that may be useful in the everyday use of buildings. We believe that Sense Monitoring will become our client, not just a service provider.

Sense Monitoring stood up to the challenge of installing the Smart Roof Platform with sensors in just a few hours. I am very pleased with the cooperation and I honestly recommend it.

Every company with a dispersed network of buildings struggles with the control of current costs – so we were looking for a solution that would allow us to keep track of the situation on the roofs of our stores while being at the headquarters in Warsaw. The Sense S-One system created by Sense Monitoring exceeded our expectations because, in addition to improving safety, we also saved on snow removal and repairs of the roof membrane.

In the beginning, we implemented the Sense S-One system in the WER Bydgoszcz building with a roof area of 17,000 m2. The installation went smoothly at an express pace, which allowed for its launch in the winter season. In the future, we plan to successively equip next logistic buildings of Poczta Polska, thanks to which flat roof risk management will be possible from the headquarters in Warsaw.

The Sense S-One system has been installed in our new hall of the Silesian Logistics Center in Sosnowiec. Thanks to the intelligent application, we have up-to-date knowledge about the reaction of the roof structure to various atmospheric phenomena. It is irreplaceable in our daily work because it supports the management of the facility. A thing worth recommending to others.

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