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SENSE Monitoring

Smart Roofs

Sense S-One is a system that constantly monitors the roof structural condition of large buildings

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About Sense S-One



There are as many as 50 million square meters of flat roof surfaces in Poland. Hundreds of people work in halls, factories or warehouses. Shopping centres are visited by thousands of clients every day.

The building structure is a complex protective armour, each and every element of which exposed to changing weather conditions on a regular basis. In order to enjoy the convenience of its use, it’s important to take care of the building’s safety. Our system constantly monitors the roof structure to ensure the high level of protection for you, your employees, clients and assets!


SMART ROOFS equals smart building maintenance

Sense S-One will tell you whether the structure of your roof is in a good condition and how to prevent overloading.

The system consists of a network of sensors installed on the ceiling and comes with a dedicated app that can be accessed on all mobile devices.

The Sense S-One platform collects, analyzes and archives data on the structure’s performance 24/7. And in case of an emergency, it notifies you and directs your attention to an emerging issue.



Sense S-One is the world’s first roof monitoring system that notifies you about any hazards in advance. Due to its advanced machine learning algorithms, the system knows how the building’s structure reacts to weather conditions and analyzes the forecasts to better protect your property.


The Sense S-One system will notify you about any potential hazard to your roof structure. Using our mobile app, you can access the latest data on your building condition from anywhere.

  • Precise measurement of deflections and displacement

    The Sense S-One system makes snow cover density measuring and bulk density sampling redundant by monitoring the current response of the structure to different weather conditions.

  • Overload prevention

    The Sense S-One system sends out notifications of potential hazards in advance, giving you enough time to act accordingly.

  • Insulation soaking detection

    The Sense S-One system detects soaked insulation that imposes an extra load on the structure and affects its heat-insulating properties, inflating heating expenses.

  • Snow removal optimization

    The Sense S-One system reduces the need for snow removal to a bare minimum, sparing you any extra expenses and the risk of damaging the roof cover.

  • Water swell detection

    Although debris piles up on the roof naturally, the Sense S-One system helps maintain its proper condition, preventing more serious issues and their consequences.

  • 24/7 control

    The Sense S-One system ensures a non-stop security of your building. It’s a technology you can trust.

750 000 m2 of protected roof areas

Many clients have trusted our brand to protect over 750,000 m2 of commercial roofs. If you want to protects, people and goods in a modern way, and save necessary maintenance costs - contact us!

Our Clients

Sense S-One is an excellent example of how modern technologies can be harnessed in facility management, specifically in roof structure maintenance. Its ongoing monitoring, registration of variables, and analysis – including weather forecasts – not only contribute to cost optimisation in facility maintenance, but also make it possible to address changing conditions well in advance
I have a lot of experience with facility maintenance. I’m sure of this structure, but still, the Sense S-One system can give me a heads-up if it needs maintenance. And that’s a big plus.
We were introduced to Sense Monitoring at Industrial Innovation Day. Intrigued by their modern approach to roof issues, we were very prompt to decide that their system is a must have in our new hall.
We collaborate with a number of hardware startups, but previously none of them has approached us with a solution that can help us with the day-to-day maintenance of our buildings. We believe that in time Sense Monitoring will be not only our service provider, but our client as well.
Sense Monitoring rose to the challenge and installed the system in just a few short hours. I’m very pleased with our collaboration and recommend the company whole-heartedly.
We hold great hopes for Sense Monitoring. We want to show that the halls can be intelligent, too.
Na początku wdrożyliśmy system SENSE S-One w budynku o WER Bydgoszcz o powierchni dachu 17 000 m2. Sama instalacja przebiegła w ekspresowym tempie, co pozwoliło na jej uruchomienie jeszcze w sezonie zimowym. W następnych krokach planujemy sukcesywnie wyposażać kolejne budynki logistyczne Poczty Polskiej, dzięki czemu zarządzanie ryzykami dachów płaskich będzie możliwe z poziomu centrali w Warszawie.
System Sense S-One został zamontowany w naszej nowej hali Śląskiego Centrum Logistycznego w Sosnowcu, dzięki inteligentnej aplikacji mamy aktualną wiedzę nt. reakcji konstrukcji dachu na różne zjawiska atmosferyczne. Jest ona niezastąpiona w naszej codziennej pracy ponieważ wspomaga zarządzanie obiektem. Rzecz naprawdę godna polecenia innym

Wants more?

Imagine the technology keeps monitoring your building 24/7 all year round. You don’t have to worry when you leave for the day or take a vacation: SENSE S-One will ensure the safety of your building. Consider this today, and in just a few short days you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Why Sense S-One

Thanks to our system:

  • You possess up-to date information on the condition of your building’s structure.

  • You have the only system on the market with a prediction module at your disposal.

  • You receive assistance in preventing the roof from overloading.

  • You increase the safety of personnel and property inside the building.

  • You detect leaks and soaking of the insulation early on.

  • You plan your expenses for roof maintenance based on reliable measurement data.