dach hali 7r z lotu ptaka
Sektor Hale magazynowe i logistyczne
Użytkownik 7R s.a.
Budynek Logistics Centre 7R Gdańsk Kowale
Adres Magnacka 30, 80-180 Kowale
Powierzchnia 60 000

7R is one of the top Polish developers operating on the commercial real estate market. Since 2009, this Polish company has been offering modern warehouse space, constantly expanding its own land bank and effectively securing locations in the most strategic locations in the country. At present, 7R can boast of projects whose total area exceeds 400,000 m2. ( A significant part of them are warehouse halls and logistics centers with flat roofs. The natural direction of 7R modernization is therefore the area of ​​large-area roofs management.

“Smart Roof Platform, a solution created by Sense Monitoring, accurately fits our company’s priorities. Thanks to this modern tool, it is possible to strengthen employee safety through the current state of roof deflections in the network of 7R facilities. Employees responsible for the operation of flat roofs use a convenient web application that provides them with access to strategic data, including about the patency of the inlets or the load caused by snow. Smart Roof platform also facilitates seasonal technical inspections,” says Tomasz Lubowiecki, founder and president of the board at 7R s.a.