Sektor Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik Fideltronik
Budynek Production hall in Sucha Beskidzka
Adres Beniowskiego 1, 34-200 Sucha Beskidzka
Powierzchnia 14 000 m2

This company located in Sucha Beskidzka in Lesser Poland is famous for its technologically advanced products for electronics. Established 30 years ago, the company today deservedly holds the position of one of the leading Polish pioneers, which in addition gradually expands the scope of its activities. Fidweltronik engineers have been successfully working on IT software for several years and are involved in research and development in the area of ​​advanced electronics, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and the industrial internet of things.

Approximately 2,500 employees and over 350 engineers and programmers are involved in all activities initiated, conducted and successfully finalized by Fideltronik. The total area occupied by all buildings belonging to Fideltronik is 42,000 m2. Thanks to the solutions from Sense Monitoring, used to monitor roof deflections, the Sense S-One system operates on a 14,000 m2 flat roof of a production plant.

Roof load sensors installed by Sense Monitoring experts are used for constant and precise monitoring of the structure. The data collected in real time allow full control over the condition of the roof, inform about current loads resulting from snow or soaked insulation, as well as provide data on the patency of roof inlets. All information is archived and transferred to a web application, where it is presented in a friendly, readable way.

Our highly qualified engineers deal with complex and complex issues every day. We know how difficult it is to develop and implement an innovative idea. The degree of complication increases especially when innovation relates to areas directly related to human security. That is why we decided to cooperate with Sense Monitoring with greater satisfaction. Their roof load sensors and web application are an exemplary example of a successful combination of technology and security” – says Zenon Adamek, vice president of the board at Fideltronik.