Sektor Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik Woodward
Budynek Zakład produkcyjny Woodward Polska
Adres Skarbowa 32, 32-005 Niepołomice
Powierzchnia 8 000 m2

It is a global brand that is known for its highly specialized activities in the area of ​​design, production and service of solutions for aviation and energy market control systems. Innovative flow, electricity and location management systems are delivered to customers from manufacturing plants and warehouses around the world. The recipients of the services and products of the Woodward brand are primarily original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as end users of their products.

Woodward’s head office is located in Fort Collins (Colorado, USA). In Poland, in Niepołomice near Kraków, the Polish branch of Woodward has been operating since 2005, which through its activity not only contributes to strengthening the brand’s position, but also allows its further expansion into emerging markets in Central Europe.

In search of solutions to modernize the Woodward production hall in Niepołomice, the management turned to Sense Monitoring. The cooperation resulted in the implementation of the Sense S-One construction monitoring system. High-tech roof load sensors have been installed on a flat roof of 8,000 m2. They collect all information about the state of the structure, which are archived and also transferred to the web application. People using the application gain access to transparent, legible information on the state of the structure. Sense S-One sensors significantly facilitate the operation of a large-area roof in the production hall, clearing the outlets, clearing the roof of snow and conducting mandatory technical inspections.

“I am very pleased with the quality of work done by Sense Monitoring. The installation of sensors and the configuration of the web application went non-invasively into everyday processes in the Woodward hall. The very work of sensors and applications fully meets the assumptions. They quickly became a permanent element of our work, “says Dominik Kania, president of the board at Woodward Poland.