Sektor Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik TESKO STEEL
Budynek Hala produkcyjna
Adres Brzezińska 8a, 44-203 Rybnik
Powierzchnia 10000 m2

TESKO STEEL is a wholesaler of metallurgical products, which has been developing exemplarily since its foundation in 1996. It deliberately expands the scope of its business, regularly expands the portfolio of recipients of its products, and constantly invests in innovative solutions. All this results in the fact that currently the TESKO STEEL brand is a respected brand in the world. The strongest evidence for positive changes is that the company started modernizing its facilities in 2020, enabling it to increase its production capacity to 750,000 tonnes per year.

Such an impressive scale of production is possible due to the functioning of an extensive machinery park, which belongs to the European leaders in terms of innovative solutions operating there. TESKO STEEL owners not only understand the need to implement innovative products or services, but also see in them the opportunity to build a competitive advantage.

That is why they decided to install the Smart Roof platform from Sense Monitoring. Thanks to modern Sense S-One sensors and a web application, TESKO STEEL employees responsible for supervision over the roof structure have complete information on the condition of the roofs of flat production halls. The 24/7 sensors work on roofs, gathering precise data on the amount of water accumulated, snow weight, insulation absorption or drainage. All information is transmitted to the web application, where it is presented in a transparent, understandable way. What’s more, in critical situations, TESKO STEEL employees immediately receive the appropriate notification.

From the very beginning, at TESKO STEEL, we focus on reliability and professionalism. The Sense Monitoring tool is fully in line with our quality policy. It allows us to better manage the company, increase employee security, and generate savings. We also appreciate the fact that during the installation all the work went smoothly, which is key for such a large manufacturer as us“says Robert Schnabel, CEO.