zdjęcie hali Bitner z lotu ptaka
Sektor Hale magazynowe i logistyczne, Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik Zakłady kablowe Bitner sp. z o.o.
Budynek Production hall
Adres ul. Krakowska 2, 32-353 Trzyciąż
Powierzchnia 8200 m2

This Małopolska producer of wires and cables has been building its brand since 1996. Today, the offer includes over 20,000 catalog products manufactured in its own production halls, which are sold to designers, contractors, construction companies, as well as other entities operating in industries such as electrical, energy, industrial automation, telecommunications or IT. Systematic investments in the company and implemented innovations – including Intelligent Roof from Sense Monitoring – allow the company to constantly expand the range of manufactured products.

One of the values ​​inscribed in the Bitner DNA is safe and productive work organization. This is demonstrated not only by the management system certificates obtained by the company (e.g. ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015) and product certificates, but also by the actions taken by the company’s authorities. One such solution was the implementation of the Intelligent Roof platform, allowing constant monitoring of flat roof deflections.

We pay the greatest attention to ensure employees safety and comfort in our halls. That is why we are regularly looking for new ways to modernize Bitner buildings. We carefully analyze each potential implementation in terms of our company’s strict standards. The Intelligent Roof platform meets our expectations, allowing us to control the condition of the roof and positively affect its operation,” says Józef Mazur, CEO of Bitner.