Sektor Hale produkcyjne
Użytkownik LLENTAB
Budynek Production hall and company HQ
Adres Budowlanych 8, 80-298 Gdańsk
Powierzchnia 4500 m2

Llentab is an international group whose main area of ​​activity is the design, production and assembly of steel multi-purpose halls. Initially, in 1972, Llentab was a small Swedish construction company. Over time, its reputation grew, the range of the offer expanded, and the number of clients grew rapidly. Today, the Llentab Group has a network of branches in Poland, Germany, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. The company is also famous for the use of technologically advanced solutions, the best proof of which are automated production plants, in which all parts of multifunctional steel halls are constructed.

As representatives of Llentab emphasize, the basis of the group’s success is that it is a brand firmly on the ground, focusing on dealing with specific issues and effective implementation of daily duties. Thanks to this approach, the implemented improvements and solutions very effectively translate into the continuous development of Llentab.

One of the last implemented technological concepts is the Sense S-One structure security system, created by Sense Monitoring and used to monitor the deflection of the roof structure. Roof load sensors have been installed for the office hall (area 1550 m2) and the production hall (area 3170 m2).

As specialists in hall construction, we know best how constant roof monitoring is crucial for the safety of employees and buildings themselves. We knew that we needed such a system, but we needed the best professionals and the best product to cooperate in this field. Our requirements were met by Sense Monitoring, which specializes in solutions for deflection monitoring. We appreciate the class of products developed by Sense Monitoring and are glad that the buildings of the Llentab group can use them” says Piotr Śniadek, vice president of Llentabhallen.