Użytkownik STRABAG
Budynek The Cultural Heritage Center
Adres Bohaterów Warszawy 4, 05-800 Pruszków
Powierzchnia 4 000 m2

The Cultural Heritage Center is a place where every resident finds an offer that meets his expectations. The building will have its headquarters: Municipal Sports Facilities Board, Municipal Culture Center and “Pruszkowiacy” Folk Dance Group.

The three-story building will house a cinema and entertainment hall with almost 400 seats in the audience, dance and rehearsal rooms, music and art studios, as well as a physical activity zone. There will be gyms, massage rooms and a ricocheta room.

SENSE has risen to the challenge by installing the system in just a few days. I am very pleased with the cooperation and I sincerely recommend this company” says Marek Mazurek, construction manager of Strabag.

SENSE monitoring system includes a flat roof made of steel beams on which reinforced concrete floats. The SENSE system was installed in the last construction phase – after all permanent loads have been installed. The initial state was measured by a traditional geodetic method using a leveler with a measurement accuracy of 0.5 mm. It was used to determine the current deflection on the day of installation. The SENSE system measures indirectly to the measuring discs located in the middle of the beam span, and converts the obtained measurements of horizontal distances into vertical deflections of the beam.