My buildings

This screen contains all the most important information for a given Building, i.e .:

  • building name,
  • building address,
  • approximate building map,
  • graphically presented location of sensors installed in the building,
  • measurement chart of one of the sensors,
  • a list of all sensors in the building with the possibility of filtering,
  • notifications for a given building.

The map on this screen is zoomed in so that you can quickly see where the sensors are installed. The default setting shows the location of all installed sensors in a given building. Only the filtering option in the List below the map shows the type of sensor you want to verify. You can choose from a list of S-One, DSW or both sensors at the same time.

The information displayed for the selected sensor is:

  • name of the measurement point: e.g. MOT-05,
  • the current status of the device’s connection to the Gateway: online (green dot next to the% value) or offline (red),
  • the current level of deflection expressed as a percentage,
  • icon symbolizing the type of sensor (S-one or DSW),
  • the color of the icon indicates the status of the measurement point and can be: green, yellow or red,
  • time of the last measurement: e.g. 2022-06-24. at 11:54:06.

Next to the map, we have placed a graph that shows the measurement history of the selected sensor from the last seven days. If you move to the Building through a Location, this will be the graph for the sensor that has most recently recorded the highest percent change in deflection.

The last set of information in the Main Building Panel is Notifications. It is a collection of notifications related to the selected building only. If you want to verify that you are reading the data from the correct building, see the yellow check mark in the menu on the left. The building you are viewing has a gray background.

Undoubtedly, the navigation between the tabs is simple. Just click on the name of the tab whose data you want to view.

To sum up, in the Building panel you will find the most detailed information on the operation of sensors in a given building, and, as a result, its safety. If you want to know more, click the NEXT button.