Contact list

In this tab you will find a list of contacts to people from your company who have access to Smart Roof Platforms. Each reported person is assigned a role: administrator or user. In this tab you will also see basic contact details. This may turn out to be important in the event of taking actions related to the safety of your roof. That is why you will find here phone numbers and e-mail addresses to important people in your company.

Remember that the number of people using the Platform depends on the package purchased. You can find the package you are using in the contract or in the table below.

number of administrators113
number of users0310
List of packages of the Smart Roof Platform

Roles are another important aspect. Each of the reported persons is automatically assigned the User role. However, the scope of permissions can be extended to the Administrator role. The most important difference between the roles is the ability to receive Notifications through different channels. Unlike the Administrator, the User receives Notifications only as an e-mail message. On the other hand, the Administrator, in addition to the e-mail, also receives an SMS or PUSH message.

If you do not know which package your company uses, or would like to change the package, please contact our Customer Service Office by e-mail: You can also fill out the contact form on ours website www.