Dictionary of terms

Weather Alerts – functionality of the Smart Roof Platform used to track weather messages and notify designated persons about possible weather hazards.

Sense Smart Roof mobile application – a mobile application that allows you to log in to the Smart Roof Platform on your phone or tablet. Downloadable from App Store and Google Play.

Building – one single facility monitored by the Smart Roof Platform.

Infrastructure – technical view of the building with precisely marked location of all installed sensors and the cabling structure.

Location – a geographical space (e.g. a development park, city, commune) in which one or more buildings monitored by the Smart Roof Platform are located.

Package – the type of package determines the number of functionalities available in the Smart Roof Platform.

Panel – name of the window presenting the Location or Building view.

Smart Roof Platform – a comprehensive tool for managing the safety of flat roofs.

Roof Deflection Measurement – Measured by Sense S-one and shown as a percentage. The calculations are made by Platforma Inteligenty Dach by comparing the current deflection value to the maximum value. This value is always configured for a given measuring point.

Measurement of the water column height – measured by the DSW device and presented as a percentage value calculated by the Inteligenty Dach Platform, which compares the current water column height to the maximum value of the water column configured for a given measurement point.

Notification – a message regarding the building (s) addressed to the users of the Smart Roof Platform.

Intelligent Roof Platform User – a person registered in the Intelligent Roof Platform, having a login and password.

Tab – a view presenting selected information in the Panel window regarding a Location or a Building.