Segro Nadarzyn
Sektor Hale magazynowe i logistyczne
Użytkownik Segro
Budynek Warehouse
Adres Aleja Katowicka 66, 05-830 Nadarzyn
Powierzchnia >100 000m2

Segro is a globally known brand specializing in the management of modern warehouse and production areas. The Segro team has been operating in Poland since 2005. Thanks to the skillful combination of international experience and the local knowledge of Polish managers, it was possible to quickly develop a strong position and build an impressive portfolio. It currently has approx. 1.4 million m2 of space in strategic locations and the agglomeration and transport hubs concentrated in the vicinity.

Segro Poland combines three functions. Is both a developer, owner and manager of production and warehouse space. That is why the Segro team is well aware of the need to constantly improve large-scale buildings and invest in solutions that increase the comfort of their use. Hence the decision to install the Smart Roof platform for some of its facilities with flat roofs. Sense S-One sensors are expected to contribute to modern, efficient roof structure management. They monitor the roof condition on an ongoing basis, controlling deflection arrows caused by snow or soaked insulation. The Smart Roof platform also makes it easier to remove snow from the roof and perform mandatory roof inspections. A very important part of the platform is the web application. Thanks to it, the Segro Poland team has easy and convenient 24/7 access to all information regarding roof operation.