Sense will install Smart Roof in all Segro Parks

1 March 2020 Kategoria: Last news

SEGRO, a leading developer, manager and owner of modern warehouse space, is already the next company in Europe to rely on smart roofs.

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A successful test implementation in 2017 convinced SEGRO to equip its already second building at SEGRO Logistics Park Warsaw, Nadarzyn with the Sense S-One system. By the end of 2020, we plan to install the system from Sense in each of our parks in Poland – informs Waldemar Witczak, Regional Director of SEGRO.

Sense Smart Roof is a modern platform for remote monitoring of roof surfaces. The solution makes it possible to control the load on the roof caused, among others, by snow or water. Thanks to this company’s solution, it is also possible to monitor leaks. The system not only improves safety, but also generates savings related to building management, precisely indicating when snow removal is necessary.


We were convinced to choose the Sense Smart Roof Platform by its functionality. We value Sense Monitoring for its flexibility in the approach to the client and efficiency of implementation —  explains Cezary Pawłowski, Property Manager at SEGRO.

The system delivered by Sense Monitoring is based on sensors, which constantly measure the vertical deflection of the roof. The data is then transferred to the cloud, making it available from the website. If a risk is detected, the software sends the appropriate alert to those responsible for the building’s condition.


For us, the trust from such a reputable partner as SEGRO is a confirmation of the long-term efficiency of our system. We are proud to contribute to the modernization and automation of SEGRO’s building management processes.

says Tomasz Dudek, Vice-President of Sense Monitoring

Roof space monitoring is yet another PropTech solution which is widely used in SEGRO’s logistic parks. We focus on innovations. As a result, our clients gain access to new technologies which optimise their work and related costs and have a real influence on the improvement of the employees’ safety and comfort. We started implementing PropTech solutions a few years ago with LED lighting, followed by remote media control systems and automatic number plate reading. Smart roof monitoring is another step towards modernity. By the end of 2020 we plan to install the system in each of our parks in Poland —  adds Waldemar Witczak, SEGRO Regional Director.

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