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Our goal is to develop simple solutions to complex problems. We believe in solutions created with passion.

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przemek galazka

Przemysław Gałązka


An enthusiast of electronics even though he majored in completely different fields: computer studies and geodesy at AGH University of Science and Technology. Excels at organizing the team’s work and setting out the vision for the entire company. He advanced his professional career at Alior, PayU or EricPOL. Programs in all known script languages and more. Privately, a keen percussionist and fish angler.

artiom komardin

Artiom Komardin


Construction engineer with all professional licences. Graduated from the Cracow University of Technology in the speciality of Theory of Structural Engineering and Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble. He started his professional career from designing industrial chimneys to be followed in managing the process of building large-area buildings and environmental protection devices. He worked for Projchłod, CH2M, Skalski Group, Alstom and General Electric. Author of several dozen building expertise. In the company, he is responsible for acquiring and servicing customers. And in his spare time, he plays the electroacoustic guitar.

tomasz dudek

Tomasz Dudek


A financial officer and manager through and through: he majored in banking at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. Spent the last 16 years at Amica S.A. where he climbed the corporate ladder from a manager of a service center to vice-president responsible for acquisitions and logistics. Currently sits on Amica’s board of directors. Knows the ins and out of mass production like the back of his hand and contributes his composure, organizational skills and experience to the company. Responsible for finances, operations and servicing of the largest companies. Privately, a home cook and an enthusiast of good wine as well as a keen jogger.


Iwona Oknińska-Dudek

Office Manager

I’m responsible for financial administration and good atmosphere. I deal with the impossible right away, but wonders take a little bit more time to work out.

Kamil Olszewski


I arrange our system’s installs and support the client during the warranty period and after. I can install the sensors with my eyes closed and turn the system on with just my thoughts.

Wojciech Zalewski

Sales Representative

I make sure that everything’s done on time and try to suggest the best solutions to our clients.

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An Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2018

December 2018

On December 4 this year during the Gala of Logistics, Transport, and Production 2018, in Sofitel Victoria in Warsaw, the results of the competition "An Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2018" was announced. The main prize in the competition was awarded to Sense Monitoring for the system Sense S-One - an innovative platform that constantly monitors the roof structural condition of large buildings

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European Start-up Days

May 2018

The 10th edition of the European Economic Congress saw over 150 thematic sessions attended by 900 speakers, 700 accredited journalists and 11,500 guests. The European Start-up Days accompanying the main event attracted 2,500 participants. SENSE Monitoring won in the Tradition&Modernity category and received its awards from President of PTWP, Vice-President of Bank ING and President of Business Link Poland.

Wolves Summit

April 2017

Wolves Summit is an international conference gathering startups, investors, representatives of corporations and programmers from over 50 countries around the world. SENSE Monitoring proved to be the only Polish company selected for the top ten (the Great Pitch). We were awarded by Amazon Web Services and invited by Plug In Foundation for a presentation in London.

Startups in the Palace

March 2017

From several hundreds of applications, the board of Startup Poland Foundation selected 33 best projects, eventually narrowing them to the top ten to be presented before the President of the Republic of Poland, government officials and presidents of the largest companies. SENSE Monitoring received a special “passport” entitling us to participate in one of the economic missions of the head of the state.

European Startup Awards

December 2016

The Global Startup Awards is a contest organized since 2012 in 52 countries and 5 regions of the world. We were named the best solution in the Smart City category in Poland and were invited to attend the award ceremony at the European Parliament.



A surveyour, a programmer and a construction engineer brought together by their shared desire to create a system that helps with maintenance of large-format buildings.


After four years of prototyping and in-depth analyses, Sense S-One is ready for implementation.


At the seat of the European Parliament, we receive an award for the best Smart City solution.


We present our Sense S-One system at the Presidential Palace and receive a “passport” from the President of the Republic of Poland entitling us to participation in one economic mission with the head of the state.


An award from Amazon Web Services and an invitation from Plug In Foundation to present our system in London.


Odbieramy nagrodę w kategorii Tradition & Modernitity.


We continue to develop our system to meet the needs of all clients.

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Imagine the technology keeps monitoring your building 24/7 all year round. You don’t have to worry when you leave for the day or take a vacation: SENSE S-One will ensure the safety of your building. Consider this today, and in just a few short days you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Our Clients

Sense S-One is an excellent example of how modern technologies can be harnessed in facility management, specifically in roof structure maintenance. Its ongoing monitoring, registration of variables, and analysis – including weather forecasts – not only contribute to cost optimisation in facility maintenance, but also make it possible to address changing conditions well in advance
I have a lot of experience with facility maintenance. I’m sure of this structure, but still, the Sense S-One system can give me a heads-up if it needs maintenance. And that’s a big plus.
We were introduced to Sense Monitoring at Industrial Innovation Day. Intrigued by their modern approach to roof issues, we were very prompt to decide that their system is a must have in our new hall.
We collaborate with a number of hardware startups, but previously none of them has approached us with a solution that can help us with the day-to-day maintenance of our buildings. We believe that in time Sense Monitoring will be not only our service provider, but our client as well.
Sense Monitoring rose to the challenge and installed the system in just a few short hours. I’m very pleased with our collaboration and recommend the company whole-heartedly.
We hold great hopes for Sense Monitoring. We want to show that the halls can be intelligent, too.
Na początku wdrożyliśmy system SENSE S-One w budynku o WER Bydgoszcz o powierchni dachu 17 000 m2. Sama instalacja przebiegła w ekspresowym tempie, co pozwoliło na jej uruchomienie jeszcze w sezonie zimowym. W następnych krokach planujemy sukcesywnie wyposażać kolejne budynki logistyczne Poczty Polskiej, dzięki czemu zarządzanie ryzykami dachów płaskich będzie możliwe z poziomu centrali w Warszawie.
System Sense S-One został zamontowany w naszej nowej hali Śląskiego Centrum Logistycznego w Sosnowcu, dzięki inteligentnej aplikacji mamy aktualną wiedzę nt. reakcji konstrukcji dachu na różne zjawiska atmosferyczne. Jest ona niezastąpiona w naszej codziennej pracy ponieważ wspomaga zarządzanie obiektem. Rzecz naprawdę godna polecenia innym