Smart Roofs

The SMART ROOF platform means efficient management of risks related to flat roofs: preventing structure overloading, increasing safety and savings.

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There are over 50 million square metres of flat roof surfaces in Poland. Hundreds of people work in halls, factories or warehouses, and thousands of clients visit shopping centres every day.

Flat roofs are constantly facing changing weather conditions and progressive climate change. To enjoy the comfort of use, it is worth ensuring safety.

Thanks to our platform you will find out if the roof of your building is safe and how to prevent it from overloading. The Smart Roof platform collects, analyses and archives data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also notifies you if some issue requires your attention.



The Sense S-One structural health monitoring system is used to control the roof structure, e.g. detect increased load due to soaked insulation or snow.

S-ONE sensors register changes in roof deflection in the spot where the load gauge is installed - usually in the middle of the span of the measured element. The sensors themselves are located on columns or in places of support. The measurement method does not interfere with the use of the floor: it is carried out in the horizontal plane.

The measurement frequency is determined every 3 minutes with an accuracy of about 1 mm. Our sensors are equipped with inclinometers (tiltmeters) that adjust the deflection measurement and continuously control the verticality of the columns.



Accumulation of rainwater on flat roofs can occur during torrential rains or due to clogged drains. Excessive water build-up on the roof is dangerous for the structure and roofing.

Therefore, to continuously verify whether the outlets are working properly, we have developed a Rainwater Build-Up Detection (RBD) system to detect excess water levels on flat roofs.

Thanks to RBD, you can check if the drains are unobstructed, detect excessive water accumulating on the roof, and monitor how long still water pools remain around the roof drains.

The DSW system provides a sense of safety in crisis situations and, in the long-term, contributes to the durability of the roofing and the roof structure.


"Sense S-One is an excellent example of how modern technologies can be harnessed in facility management, specifically in roof structure maintenance. Its ongoing monitoring, registration of variables, and analysis – including weather forecasts – not only contribute to cost optimisation in facility maintenance, but also make it possible to address changing conditions well in advance."
I have extensive experience in facility maintenance. As far as this structure is concerned, I'm sure of its quality, but still, the Sense S-One system can give me a heads-up if it needs maintenance. And that’s a big advantage.
We were introduced to Sense Monitoring at the Industrial Innovation Day. Intrigued by their modern approach to roof issues, we very promptly decided that their system is a must have in our new building
We collaborate with a number of hardware startups, but previously none of them had approached us with a solution that could help us with the day-to-day maintenance of our buildings. We believe that in time Sense Monitoring will not only become our service provider, but also our client.
Sense Monitoring rose to the challenge and installed the system in just a few short hours. I’m very pleased with our collaboration and recommend the company whole-heartedly.
Every company with a dispersed network of buildings struggles to control running costs - so we were looking for a solution that would allow us to monitor the situation on the roofs of our stores on a regular basis, directly from our Warsaw headquarters. The Sense S-One system exceeded our expectations as, in addition to improving safety, we managed to save money on snow removal and repairs to the roof membrane.
Initially, we implemented the SENSE S-One system in our shipment and sorting hub in Bydgoszcz, in a building with 17,000 sqm of roof. The installation itself was double-quick, which allowed us to launch the system in time for the winter season. At the next stages, we plan to successively equip more logistics centres of Poczta Polska with this installation, which will allow us to manage the flat roof risks from our central offices in Warsaw.
The Sense S-One system has been installed in our new hall of the Silesian Logistics Center in Sosnowiec. Thanks to the smart application, we have up-to-date knowledge about the roof structure's response to various atmospheric phenomena. It is irreplaceable in our daily work because it supports facility management. A solution really worth recommending to others.

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Imagine that technology guards your building 24h/365 days per year. You don’t have to worry when you leave for the day or take a vacation: SENSE Smart Roofs will ensure the safety of your building. Think about it today, and in a few short days you'll be able to enjoy your peace of mind.