The glass warehouse in Podłęże

A leading Polish company manufacturing sanitary wares, active on the market for over 26 years. Today it employs 300 people and owns two large warehouses, a showroom, over 50 Excellent studios and a nationwide network of approx. 1,000 associates. The company exports its products to 20 countries around the world.

“We were introduced to Sense Monitoring at Industrial Innovation Day and were intrigued by their approach to the roof issues.
Very quickly, we decided that a system like theirs needs to be in our new building”

Bogusław Grzybczyk, Vice-chairman, Excellent SA
Niepołomice Investment Zone 50.021076, 20.171624
Powierzchnia : 9000 m2

Excellent S.A.

Investing in the construction of their new headquarters, however, Excellent made sure to have the building equipped with the state-of-the-art automation systems, including Sense S-One, a proprietary solution by Sense Monitoring. The building has three aisles, each spanning 30 meters, where the gantries are mounted. The roof structure rests on steel truss girders simply supported on reinforced concrete pillars. The target boards of the Sense S-One system were placed on the girders where the risk of snow drifts appearing is the highest, i.e. in attics and roof skylights. The production traffic in the hall is expected to be quite high with frequent movements of the gantries. Such conditions are best served by the Sense S-One measurement system, which is immune to any disturbances.

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