The first “Korona” shopping center was opened on August 15th, 2006 in Minsk at 24 Kalwaryjska Street. The multi-floor building featured a hypermarket, electronics store, a gallery of boutiques, a café and a restaurant. “Korona” (or “Crown”), quickly became a favourite among the residents of the Belarusian capital who appreciated the scale of the center, the wide selection of goods and the quality of its services.

“SENSE Monitoring ensures the safety of the building even after hours. I always keep my phone handy and the system will notify me if necessary. It’s a solution truly worthy of the 21st century”

Alexander Zinovic, maintenance department director
53.9363328, 27.673139
Powierzchnia : 15000 кв.м

Shopping Centre CORONA

The regulations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations effective in Belarus necessitate snow removal whenever the snow cover reaches 30 cm in thickness. The Ministry strictly controls the compliance, and there have even been cases of facilities being closed down by the authorities until the snow had been removed. Maintaining a good reputation among its visiting customers, “Korona” can’t afford any unexpected shutdowns, however. Hence, a decision was made to install the SENSE S-One system to monitor the structure. Now, it’s much easier to evaluate the level of safety, even without going out on the roof. The SENSE S-One system monitors each and every load and deflection of the roof structure, immediately notifying the maintenance personnel. The SENSE S-One monitoring devices do not interfere with the activities of the shopping center nor with the visiting customers. The center’s administrator estimates that the installing of the monitoring system will pay for itself after the first winter.

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