The three-floor building is to feature a cinema-performance hall with almost 400 seats in the audience, dancing and rehearsal rooms, music and arts workshops, as well as a sports activity zone. A gym, massage rooms and a ricochet court will also be included.

CDK (Cultural Heritage Center) in Pruszków is meant to offer every resident something to enjoy. The building is to house MZOS (the Municipal Sports Facilities Authority), MOK (the Municipal Culture Center) and the local folk dance group “Pruszkowiacy”.

"SENSE rose up to the challenge by installing its system in just a few days. I’m very pleased with our cooperation and I whole-heartedly recommend this company"

Marek Mazurek, construction supervisor at Strabag
Bohaterów Warszawy 4, Pruszków, Poland 52.1700400°N, 20.8122063°E
Powierzchnia : 4000 m2


The SENSE system monitors the steel girder in the 4th axis of the roof structure, made of an HEA800 profile and simply supported on reinforced concrete walls. Due to its length, the girder was divided into two sections (of 12 and 8 meters respectively) while being transported, and then rejoined by bolts and lap joints on the web. During the reassembly a 30 mm lap joint was welded to the bottom strip. The SENSE system was installed at the last stage of the construction, after all the static loads had been already placed. The initial state was measured using the traditional geodetic method by a levelling tool with a 0.5 mm measuring accuracy. The deflection on the day of the installation was determined to be approx. 87 mm. The measurement results were attached in the form of a sample report signed by an authorized surveyor. The SENSE system takes measurements indirectly to target boards placed on the center of the girder’s span, and then converts the results into vertical deflections of the girder.

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