maintenance cost
by 40%


sensors network


building owners
and facility managers


leakage detector
and optimal snow removal


full control
from day one

Sense S-one system is deployed to buildings with total area over 213 000 m2

Gdańsk, Warsaw, Cracow, Minsk, Poznan
monitoring of the roof construction


Mobile applications

Use S-One on your phone or tablet. Our mobile application lets you check the warehouse status on the go, wherever you are.

Measuring sensors

With the constant observation of the roof construction, S-One, the measuring system, informs about the need for snow removal or any other threat to the facility's structure.

what sets us apart

4x S-One

Simple installation

we will not interrupt facility's normal usage. No welding or drilling is involved

Roof load control

we control load caused by snow or water in insulation layers


you save on snow removal actions and roof membrane fixing

Intelligent assistant

Virtual assistant Sense S-One tells you how safely maintain your facility

We met Sense Monitoring at Industrial Innovation Day.
Fresh attitude to roof maintenance problem was very interesting.
Quickly we decided to deploy Sense solution in our new warehouse.

Bogusław Grzybczyk Excellent SA
see how it works

Patented measurement methodology

Monitoring in your pocket

Every employer can track load on the roof and react to secure you facility.

TEXT & email notifications

You get notified immediately via SMS and email when level of displacement change. Levels are defined by structure designer.

see how it works

Planning and forecast

All measurement data are stored for later inspection for any authority. Charts let you plan next snow removal action. Easy interface get you fast access to all data about current live load in all controll points.

we protect over 168 000 m2

Case Studies

Our solution protect warehouse, malls and big box facilities.